Sho Award Scheme (5 to 7 years old)

The Sho Awards are British Judo’s grading awards which focus on developing fundamental movement skills for 5 to 7 year olds.

The Sho awards are comprise 9 separate awards which are designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills.

Scheme cost £22/child/year (as of 2019) and allows up to 3 gradings at no additional costs. Young judoka will receive a small booklet at each grading.

Once a player has turned 8 years of age they move onto the Mon Grading Scheme.

Scheme is optional. Speak to Didier for more information and/or upon signing up to the scheme. 

How does it work at Ringwood Judo Club ?

Sho Gradings are completed every 3 months at the Club during normal Sessions Times.  Our Grading Schedule is shown on our Judo Information Board at the Club.

There are no additional costs to go through Sho Gradings. Once the New Grade has been recorded by Coach with British Judo Association (BJA) the Young Judoka will receive booklet.

Do we get a new belt ?

BJA does not provide the belts anymore. To help Young Judoka show they achievement we have sourced belts via a different channel.

Belt cost £2.50 each and available to purchase from the club. (Optional)