Sho Award Scheme (5 to 7 years old)

The Sho Awards are British Judo’s grading awards which focus on developing fundamental movement skills for 5 to 7 year olds.

The Sho awards are comprise 9 separate awards which are designed to help coaches reward young players while they develop fundamental physical, technical, social and psychological skills.

Scheme cost £24/child/year (as of 2021) and allows up to 3 gradings at no additional costs. Young judoka will receive a small booklet at each grading.

Once a player has turned 8 years of age they move onto the Mon Grading Scheme.

Scheme is optional. Speak to Didier for more information and/or upon signing up to the scheme. 

How does it work at Ringwood Judo Club ?

Sho Gradings are completed every 3 months at the Club during normal Sessions Times.  Our Grading Schedule is shown on our Judo Information Board at the Club.

Ringwood Judo Club charges £4 per Sho Gradings which includes a new belt. Once the New Grade has been recorded by Coach with British Judo Association (BJA) the Young Judoka will receive booklet.

Do we get a new belt ?

BJA does not provide the belts anymore but to help Young Judoka show they achievement we have sourced belts via a different channel which are including in grading fees. Belt cost £3 each to replace.