Mon Grade Scheme (8 to 15 years old)

With regular study and training, a judoka should be able to complete the Mon Grade syllabus by the age of 17. In some cases when the judoka is particularly dedicated they may complete it as early as 15 years of age.

Judoka follow a progressive study of techniques detailed in the Mon Drage Syllabus and get promoted via a Grading system.

During a grading judoka are required to know the common English names and meaning of some Japanese terminology, to practically demonstrate techniques amd be able to discuss their reasons for their choice of technique, grip etc.

How does it work at Ringwood Judo Club ?

Mon Gradings are completed every 3 months at the Club during normal Sessions Times.  Our Grading Schedule is shown on our Judo Information Board at the Club.

The coach will get each Judoka ready for their grading. Each gradings are completed during normal Judo Sessions or just after the end of the session. Each Kyu grade cost £16 to complete.

Will I get a new Belt ?

Yes - As part of the fees you pay the BJA at each gradings, they will either send you a new coloured belt or a new "Tag" to add to your belt.