Ringwood Judo Club is Open

Please Read below Covid Guidelines and details on how to book your Session

Sessions are as follow:  Mondays and Wednesdays, 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Juniors and 8pm to 9.30pm for Seniors

Seniors - Although the letter has been drawn out for the intention of Parents/ Guardians and their children, the same rule will apply for our evening Senior sessions so please follow the same details.

Dear Parents, Guardians & Friends,

Thank you for your patience while we've been trying to organise a safe return to Judo.   It has been a difficult journey with guidance changing all the time and co-ordinating between Greyfriars Centre and Judo Association (BJA) , risk assessments, forms and disclaimers.

Q and I just had our last meeting at the club today, we spoke to the Greyfriars Centre and we are very pleased to announce that we will re-open our club on Monday 7th September 2020.  BJA has drawn very strict guidelines for us to resume our sport so we must abide by these so our BJA insurance does not become void.

Below I have set out bullet points as to what we are doing to make everyone safe. Most of the details are an extract from the BJA guidance for a Safe Return to Judo. I have also attached a couple of pages extracted from the BJA guidance designed for parents, please read it (Number 1 at Bottom of this page)

  1. Do not attend the Club if you display any Covid Symptoms.
  2. We are only allowed up to 15 players in the Dojo. You will need to book the session. To book a session please see Number 2 at bottom of the page.
  3. Mat area will be divided into 9 to 10 individual Designated Training Areas (DTA). On arrival, children must go straight to their assigned DTA with their water bottle, without walking across other DTAs.
  4. Each player will be given a Training Area (DTA).  Siblings (living in same household) will be able to share a larger DTA.
  5. No crossing between DTAs.  Children will stay in their Designated Training Area and not leave unless authorised by a Coach.
  6. Judo Sessions will not include any full contact.  We have re-designed our sessions to work without a partner.
  7. Participants training kit must be washed between sessions and special attention must be given to personal hygiene. Sanitising Hand Gel will be available at the door.
  8. To avoid as much cross contact as possible, Cash Payments will not be accepted, Contactless Card Payment only. Sessions fees remains at £4 each/£7 Siblings
  9. Encourage Child to use toilet at home before leaving to minimise use of club’s toilets.
  10. We will disinfect the Judo Mats, door handles, toilets after each session.
  11. Windows and doors will be left open throughout the session.
  12. You will not be able to borrow our JudoGis. Instead we will “loan” you a JudoGi for you to keep and wash every time it has been used until you order/purchase your own Gi.  Deposit of £10, returnable when you return the JudoGi.  If you would like to purchase a JudoGi please let Didier know.  Prices vary from £12 to £35 depending on size.
  13. Due to space in the hall, numbers of non-participants (parents/guardians) will be restricted to 4 people, this may mean children being dropped off and picked up after the session. Spectators will need to wear a face mask. We will not have any spare masks at the club.
  14. Participants should not use changing rooms but arrive 'judo-prepared', wearing their JudoGi kit and bringing along their own personal equipment (water bottles etc.). Following the session, they will be encouraged to leave the venue immediately with no social interaction and sadly, no Sweets ☹
  15. A Track and Trace system will be in place and you will be required to leave your name and phone number.
  16. Finally, Parents/Guardians must complete the BJA indemnity form before returning to the club. Link to the form shown as Number 3 at the bottom of this page.

Please send it back electronically when possible to avoid cross-contact on the day. If not possible please print, complete at home, and drop off on the day. We will not have any spare forms for you to complete on the day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by return of email, Facebook messenger or telephone if you need more clarification. It’s all new to us so I am guessing some errors will be made. If you see something that you feel can be improved, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for your help, together we will make our sport fun and carried out as safely as possible.

Best Regards


1 - Read BJA guidance for Parents/Guardians

Additional to the above, please read couple of pages extracted from BJA official guidance for Parents/Guardians

2 - Check Availability & Book your Session

Click on Link to Check Availability and Contact Didier to book a Session. First come, first served basis. You will be assigned a DTA number as confirmation of your booking.

On contact, please provide child's name and telephone contact number which will be used for our Club's Track and Trace System.

3 - Once your session is booked, Complete online BJA form

We have created an online version of the BJA form to help reduce contact on the day and waiting time on the day. Please complete everytime within 24 hours of your booked session.

Page Last updated on 2nd October 2020